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SIF Tevez and FIFA 15 Higuain

Well bought them yesterday and tried them in 3 games now, but the result is really disapointing. Tevez didnt score me even once, Higuain managed to grab one...Fre*** Hernanes was stealing the show.

I used NIF Tevez, with hunter, on striker position and he was excelent, worth the 30k i paid for him and he positioned himself really well, but also had a very reliable shot on him. NIF higuain had some amazing games, but got lost in the others (has a really good balanced stats for a striker, with the exception of passing).

I read on the forum both are almost godly according to some of you, but i just cant get them to play right. Its not that i am forcing play on them, they just dont get in good positions, and then when they do, they dont finish the chanse (that i know NIF one would easyly).

So what is the problem here? Does it take time to get used to them (i mean why if you know how their NIF play)?

i ussualy play cca 10 games before i make the final verdict, but my point is not this. I played with both NIF more then i should (cca 100 games or more) and so i can say i know how those 2 play. But ever since i switched the NIF for their IFs, both just dont show up on the field. I play mostly 352 with my serieA (also tried 4312 and 41212(2) but just dont feel right for my serieA team).

Well if IF are a better version of NIF they should perform better, right? I averaged 1.5 goals per game with NIF Tevez (more if counting offline), but the SIF got me.

So if those two work so good for other there must be something i am doing wrong? Or maybe just got myself two wrong cards. I dont really like Tevez as CAM, as i find his NIF more effective in striker spot, but the SIF is just always in the wrong place (is in defence when he should be forward makeing a run and in in front when he should be a bit more to the back). Same preety much goes for IF Higuain.

And i used the same formation and tactics as i always use (and leave on balanced mentality).

And they both have hunter chem on (as did my NIFs).

Just for info momentarly Cavanni and RVP are my best strikers, so i do know how to play FIFA 15 Coins even with "slower" strikers. And i was really having high hopes for that Tevezes 90 shooting stat (and Higuains 8

I also have SIF Tevez (packed him) and IF Higuain up top and am so disappointed with them. They certainly never BOTH play well in the same game.

I had both their NIF up top together and I feel that there wasn't much difference between them now.

SIF Tevez certainly is the better of the two but isn't able to pull away from people the way his stats suggest he should.

Tevez has 45 is 33 & 7 assists, Higuain 20 in 33 & 14 assists and their NIFs were Tevez 61 in 57 & 21 assists and Higuain 51 in 57 & 30 assists