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The Interview/Sony Hacking debacle FIFA 15

We've all heard this by now: Sony Pictures was hacked and little by little personal employee details, movie secrets, executive emails, scripts and about 5 unreleased movies among other things were all leaked. The hackers demands: Cancel the Seth Rogen/James * movie The Interview over it's plot being the assassination of Kim Jong Un. Which later culminated into:

Sony scraps the Interview, no theatrical, online or DVD release on the cards at all:

and recently

Sony Hack: FBI Confirms North Korea Is "Responsible For These Actions"

As unlikely as it is, if a James * and Seth Rogen is the catalyst for a war I've lost all faith in humanity

They even cancelled a totally unrelated upcoming Steve Carrell movie I was really looking forward to called Pyongang (really looking forward to it as I loved the graphic novel):

And it also ruined Guardians of the Galaxy 2 FIFA 15 Coins according to this pic from James Gunn:

Mind = blown. All movies and TV shows featuring the world leader of every country conceivable dying plus everything inspired by post 9-11 paranoia and themes from it never got this sort of resistance no matter how hard hitting and serious they could be but a R-rated comedy full of * jokes and stoner humor triggered all this?